Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Skincare Review - Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil
I recently bought this from Sephora while travelling in America. I ran out of makeup remover as I was using the Omorovicza travel size which I also bought from Sephora quite some time ago. I like Josie Maran's Argan Cleansing Oil better than Omorovicza because it is easier to manage. With just 2 pumps on my dry hands, it's more than enough to apply evenly on my face. It took everything off including my waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It kept my skin moisturised too. I usually double cleanse so after using the cleansing oil as makeup remover, I'll use a foam cleanser. Currently, I'm using a Omorovicza Cleansing Foam

I have a combination skin with oily T-Zone and dehydrated on the cheeks. This oil cleanser might seem little oily for some but double cleansing it would be just perfect. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. Yes, it is that good! The scent is really pleasant too. 

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam used to double cleanse
Another product that I would highly recommend would be Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil. It was what I use for a while prior to Omorovicza Cleansing Balm because I wanted to try something new.

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

Congratulations Courtney, for winning the golden trinkets sponsored by Rings & Tings. I will be contacting you in a bit and hope you'll enjoy the gorgeous accessories. Thank you all taking time to participate in this giveaway. Don't forget to visit Diva In Me for more fashion inspirations and possibly another giveaway in the near future =)

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Monday, July 28, 2014

31 Denim Looks

Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3 // Day 4 // Day 5 // Day 6 // Day 7
I started a Denim Challenge in May and thought I'm able to complete the challenge in a month. This has taken longer than expected to complete my whole 31 days of denim looks. Guess I failed to challenge myself in completing the task on time =( 

Well, it took me more than 31 days to complete the challenge but I'm happy I stick to the goal and completed it. Perseverance is key and now I can be proud that I did it! I will probably come up with another challenge soon. Anyway, here's the compilation of my 31 looks and tell me which is your favorite? 

Day 8 // Day 9 // Day 10 // Day 11 // Day 12 // Day 13 // Day 14

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Summer Dress

I was browsing through my unedited pictures as I'm cleaning my hard drive, I saw these pictures which hasn't been blogged yet. As you can see, my hair's still long then =) Totally missed this one out. How can I as this dress is so suitable for summer don't you think? Go flower power!

How's your summer so far? Are you wearing a lot of floral dresses lately?

Dress - Club Monaco (similar here)
Bag - Christian Dior (available here)
Pumps - Salvatore Ferragamo (available here)
Bracelet - Hermés

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Radiant Ramadhan

Pewters by Royal Selangor
I was invited to a Raya event featuring the new Selberan Songket Reinvented series and a showcase of our local talented designer, Alia Bastamam with her Raya Collection 2014. These two powerhouse definitely brought us a very interesting show. I was at awe looking at the beautiful models sashayed down the runway with the dreamy dresses and elegant jewelry. I was in dreamland just looking at those silk designs drifting and swaying on the runway. 

Selberan is our local jeweller and they make one of most elegant and beautiful designs. Selberan is part of the Royal Selangor Group who is famous locally and internationally for making pewters. I was really impressed by their designs and I spent hours in there browsing the beautiful ornaments. Oh, and I was lucky to say hello to the designer, Alia Bastamam too! She's such an amazing and humble lady. 

If you are a Malaysian, do pop by to any of the Selberan and Royal Selangor stores to check out some of the beautiful designs. You'll be surprise at the fabulosity. I've seen Royal Selangor stores in Australia too! As for Alia Bastamam's design, do check out her website on www.aliabastamam.com and you'll be able to see her dreamy designs. They're definitely worth giving a look. For now, enjoy the video! =)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Comes And Go, Gingham Stayed

Some things never go out of style. Just like this gingham top. I had this top for like....let's see...maybe 6 years? Let's just say it has been a long time since I had this shirt and I'm glad it's still in-trend. I do take good care of my stuff and some things which I thought it has an everlasting style, I would tend to keep it and find it hard to let it go. 

I like midi skirts too and Asos offer some pretty yet affordable ones. If you would like to splurge a little more, I thought Tibi had some great selection too! I have a few from Asos which I've worn here, here & here. I styled this quite some time ago and hasn't had a chance to blog about it. Do you have anything in gingham?

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Gingham Top - Guess (similar here)
Skirt - Asos (similar here)
Pumps - Christian Louboutin
Bag - Miu Miu
Leather Cuff - Hermes

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Days In Budapest

After Vienna, we went to Budapest and it was our last stop during our winter vacation beginning of this year. When I was editing the pictures, I thought to myself, time really flew by so quickly. It was half a year ago when I wore this furry jacket from Zara. I love stroking the faux fur on this jacket =D In fact, this is not a very thick jacket. In my standard, 3 degrees Celsius is actually cold! I actually had another 2 layers under this jacket to keep myself warm while looking good. I can still remember so clearly what my bf said when I wore this. He said "please don't die from the cold due to vanity". LOL! I would still like to look good but I guess I'm not that brave when it comes to bracing the cold.

Are you one that would do anything for vanity reason? Or comfort comes first before vanity?

Faux Fur Jacket - Zara (similar here)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind (available here)
Boots - Stuart Weitzman (available here)
Cashmere Scarf - Burberry (available here)
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Austria's Snow Globe

Have you ever turn a snow globe and just can't stop starring at it? It gives me that calm feeling and it's mesmerizing. I didn't know that Vienna is famous for snow globe till I read it from Frommer's Guide Book. I did some research and found out that Erwin Perzy invented the very first snow globe in 1890. He wasn't the first one that made snow globe but he was the first to have his invention patented. 

Erwin Perzy was a surgical instrument producer. His original goal was to develop an extra bright lightsource as surgical lamp. He uses a candlelight to shine it through a water filled flask with particles made out of different materials for reflective purpose. This effect reminded him of snowfall and this is where he had the idea of making snow globe. (source)

Now this company is run by Perzy's grandson and all the designs are still hand crafted with much love. We took Tram #42 from the city and stopped at Antonigasse Station. The museum is located at Schumanngasse 87 and open from Mon-Thurs 9am-3pm. This place is not fancy nor old but it's definitely worth a visit to keep a piece of snow globe from Vienna. You can also visit their website at www.viennasnowglobe.at

Monday, July 14, 2014

The 70s & A Giveaway

When I bought this pair of jeans, I was thinking if I should get the blue or the white? In the end, I chose white instead because I have a lot of blue jeans and no white jeans! I believe the wide-leg, or I called it trumpet-cut jeans are making a come-back. What do you think? 

I bought this top from Australia recently and I definitely had this pair of jeans in my head to do a mix and match. Of course, adding some accessories definitely sizzles up the entire look. These accessories from Rings & Tings are not just gorgeous but they're affordable too. I've picked these 3 items and would love to give it to a lucky winner. Also, share with me how would you style these accessories? I'm wishing you the best in this giveaway and hope you'll get lucky. *scroll down for information on giveaway =)

Top - Zara (new & similar here)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind (on sale now)
Pumps - Salvatore Ferragamo (available here)
Bag - Celine (similar here)
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Rings, Bracelet & Necklace - Rings & Tings

Friday, July 11, 2014

Postcard from Vienna [Part 2]

When they say Vienna is romantic and beautiful, I would agree to that. I first knew about Austria through The Sound of Music. I'm sure many of us know The Sound of Music and I can still remember the songs in a heartbeat if I hear it now. Though I didn't run the hills and sang my heart out like what Julie Andrews did, but I still get to see the city of Vienna during the winter. I was hoping that it would snow but I would take grey skies any day over rain. It feels like walking down memory lane when I was editing the pictures earlier. I wish I could wear something more colorful and attractive but I was more concern over bundling up and keeping myself warm than being fashionable =D I wouldn't complain as getting to go for a holiday is already a blessing.

I hope you'll enjoy the pictures and tell me where are you heading to for the summer?

Hofburg Palace during the day

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Postcard From Vienna [Part 1]

Can't believe it that I'm still talking about my winter holidays when it's actually summer now. I know I'm a little behind when it comes to sharing information. I hope you'll forgive me for that. I promise I'll share pretty pictures and I'll speed up! =D

After Prague (post here & here), my bf and I travelled to Vienna. When we travel in Europe, we try to hop on the train as much as we can. The waiting time is shorter and I love the beautiful scenery Europe has to offer. Though, I must say I had quite an unwelcoming experience when I first got to Vienna. I was pushed and bumped into yet they weren't too apologetic. I was pretty upset at first for their rudeness but I quickly checked my watch and belongings in my pocket. I've heard enough stories about pick-pockets in Europe and never to push that thought aside.

Mr W advised me not to harbor a negative mindset over Vienna because of what happened and he was right. Vienna has so much to offer and it's a beautiful place. Music and romance definitely lightens up this city. We had fun discovering Vienna and I shall share some pictures with you here. I hope you'll enjoy it =)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Blogger Award By Female Magazine & Guess

Some time ago, I entered a contest organised by Female Magazine and the well known American denim company, GUESS. I didn't think I would go this far and here I am, in the final four. This is pretty major for me and it's a great achievement for my blog. I wouldn't be here if not for the support from family, friends and blogger friends =)

After I took all that news in and settled down, I started assembling ideas to complete my final assignment for this competition.  The award for being the finalist was RM1k (about USD300) cash to shop at GUESS. Oh yea!! Never say no to shopping! =D So, my assignment requires me to mix and match GUESS denim for three occasions. Tell me which is your favorite =)

Occasion 1: A Romantic Dinner

Top - BCBG
Jeans - GUESS Beverly Ankle Skinny
Pumps - Christian Louboutin
Bag - Miu Miu
Cuff - Hermes
I love skinny fit on me and how it gives the perception of "long legs". The best part was that embossed "Guess" detailing on the pocket.  

Winter In Austria [Day 27]

Some denims will travel with me anytime and anywhere. This pair of 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans had travelled with me to many places and it's great with boots and heels as well. I'm feeling nostalgic just looking at these pictures taken in Schönbrunn Palace, Austria. I'll tell you more about it in my next post. For now, enjoy these pictures and share with me if you have a specific pair of jeans that travels with you all the time. 

Jacket - The North Face (worn here)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind (available here)
Boots - Stuart Weitzman 50/50 (available here)
Scarf - Burberry (worn here)
Sunglasses - Ray Ban (similar here)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hotel - Le Méridien Vienna

Picture by Le Méridien
In January 2014, my bf and I was doing our winter vacation and we stopped by Vienna. It was our first time there and we wanted to stay in a hotel that has a modern contemporary touch to it and also convenient for us. My bf found Le Méridien.

When we arrived, the reception and lift definitely looked very trendy as what we've read from the reviews. The staffs were friendly and helpful too. From Tripadvisor, we got to know that this is a 5 star hotel and with the price that Le Meridien was charging for a Superior Room, I do have my expectations to receive 5 star services and comfort. 

Picture by Le Méridien

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Priceless [Day 26]

This top is definitely a priceless piece. Not only it's great for summer but a good friend of mine, Tasha,  actually designed it herself! How cool is that? The first design which was introduced to me some time ago and I worn here. Now she gave me this Priceless piece which I packed to travel with me. 

If you would like to check out more of her design, you can go to www.rebel.my and anything you purchase from Rebel's site, $8 will be given to provide children with a better education. Rebel believe in educating the younger generation and hope that the sales at Rebel will be able to play a part in helping children achieve a brighter future.

Top - Rebel (available here)
Bra - Victoria's Secret (similar here)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind (available here)
Loafers - Tod's (available here)
Watch - Cartier

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bright Trench & Denim [Day 25]

You must be wondering why I'm wearing a coat in the mid of the year. Yea, I'm currently in the southern hemisphere and it's winter here hence the trench coat. Speaking of this trench coat, I bought it quite some time ago in Paris. I haven't had a chance to wear it till now and I'm glad the color still looked very good with my 7 For All Mankind jeans and Stuart Weitzman OTK boots =)

I like trench coats to be colourful besides the usual black. They make winter and grey skies looked brighter and they do lift up our moods. What do you think? Do you like colourful trench coats?

Dress - Mood & Closet (similar here)
Coat - Zara (similar here & here)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Boots - Stuart Weitzman 50/50
Watch - Cartier
Rings - Bulgari & Cartier

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

BCBGMaxazria Celebrated 25th Anniversary

This post was way beyond delayed but I'm glad it's up now! =D I'm definitely thrilled to be invited to this special event to celebrate BCBGMaxazria's 25h Anniversary and the launch of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection in Kuala Lumpur. I've always been a fan of BCBGMaxazria and own a few items myself (post here). I do love their choices of colors and fabrics. 

So here are some pictures and a video for you to have a peek into BCBGMaxazria's Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Enjoy =)

Monday, June 23, 2014


Na Ying & Phoebe Philo
At the recent Beijing Fashion Show, Céline showed it's Autmn/Winter 2014-15 collection to 550 guests. This is the first time Céline's collection is shown on a runway out of it's home in Paris. Some of the celebrities invited were singers such as Faye Wong and Na Ying. Famous actresses includes Yuan Quan, Song Jia, Cheng Shu and Mei Ting were present too. Not missing out the it girls, Chen Ran and Tian Yuan, were also in attendance. 

Faye Wong (left) // Na Ying (right)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Céline Fall/Winter 2014 - Beijing [Part 1]

On May 22, 2014, this event marked as the first time for Céline's collection to be shown on a runway outside from its Paris home. To mark this special occasion, Céline made two exclusive silk tops, silk scarves and the iconic mini tie bag in special colors for China (pictures shown below). The designer, Phoebe Philo says "I wanted to approach the collection from the gut, for it to be touched by human hands, wild, tender and strong".

Céline has been expanding its presence in China through their stores in Beijing and Chengdu. Later next year, their flagship store will be scheduled to open in Plaza 66, Shanghai. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Carpe Diem [Day 24]

Sweater - Banana Republic (similar here)
Jacket - Mood & Closet (coming soon)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Shoes - Tod's Gommino (available here)
Bag - Hermes
Definitely seizing my day in Melbourne. It's been a while since I've been back to Australia. It's my bf's first so I'm taking this opportunity to show him around. Maybe many of you didn't know about this part of my past, but I did graduated from one of the university in Australia. I did my undergrad here and had a blast! I was really blessed to be able to get out of my country and study abroad. I considered myself privileged and count my blessings till this day. 

If you've Instagram, do follow me @stilettoesdiva for more of my updated adventure =)

Photos taken by Samsung S4. I believe the Samsun S5 has a better camera =)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Happy Song - A Blogger's Collaboration By Diane

I'm sure you must've heard of the song Happy by Pharrell a lot of times by now. You must've seen the MTV too I bet but this one I'm posting is a totally different sort of video. This video is special because it's a clever idea stemmed from Diane (Dee-Vine Anonymous) and she have a few of us bloggers contributed into making this video. It was fun doing this project with her and to see her final result, it was beyond amazing. Enjoy the video here and you can visit her post here to meet the rest of the bloggers! =)

P.S. That's the reason why I love blogging. I get to meet talented people like Diane who comes up with brilliant idea and unselfishly share her talent =)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Comfort Travelling [Day 23]

Top - Mood & Closet
Jeans - Current/Elliott (available here)
Shoes - Tod's Gommino (available here)
Bag - Hermes
Long haul can be tiring so traveling with comfortable apparels is important to me. Denim is one of my favourite pick. Since I'm really into boyfriend jeans lately, I picked this pair from Current/Elliott. It's uber comfortable and I've no regrets in getting this pair. What's your favorite travelling essential?

If you'll like to know my whereabouts, do follow me on my Instagram (@stilettoesdiva). I will be sharing about the airline soon. Hope you have a great start of the week =)

Tod's Gommino loafers are one of the best walking shoes. It's so comfortable yet stylish.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Retail Therapy - Triangl

Winnie - Miami (Mint)

Just purchased this bikini from Triangl. There's so much hype about this brand lately and also about the neoprene fabric for swimwear, so I'm giving it a try now. Do you own swimwear from Triangl? How do you like it? If not, what's your favorite go-to brand for swimwear?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Houndstooth & Denim [Day 22]

I've worn this houndstooth top previously (post here) and I've also mentioned that I foresee wearing this top in many ways. This is another way I pictured myself wearing the cropped houndstooth top. Lately I've seen many bloggers wearing denim playsuits/jumpsuits. Do you have one too? How would you style yours?

Top - Mood & Closet (Sold out, similar here)
Denim Playsuit - Mood & Closet (coming soon, similar here)
Bag - Miu Miu
Espadrilles - Stuart Weitzman (similar here)
Watch - Cartier

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's In My Travel Bag?

Didn't think that my Stefanel trench coat is out from the closet again so soon =)
Well, this is the very first time I'm doing this post. I know many of you must've learned a lot from bloggers who had done posts like this. So, I'm going to keep it simple as to what's in my travel luggage and beauty bag. 

Well, would you like to guess where I'm going this time? =D

Toiletries Bag - T Tech by Tumi // Skincare - Omorovicza // Contact lens saline - Bausch & Lomb // Perfume & Lotion - Hermes // Dry Shampoo - Klorane // Dry Conditioner - Serge Normant
My 2nd Tod's Gommino. They're so comfortable and they're definitely coming with me.