Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Short Shorts

What's better than short shorts for summer? Short shorts itself!! =D I love wearing shorts because it makes my legs looked longer than it should be. I would usually pair it with sneakers or sandals when travelling during summer. If I want to elongate my legs even longer, I would pair it with a pair of heels. Since I'm travelling now and I didn't pack my heels with me, sneakers get useful when I need to walk miles after miles =)

What about you? Do you like short shorts and how would you pair it?

Top - Saba (an Australian brand but similar here)
Shorts - Mood & Closet (sold out but similar here)
Sneakers - Adidas
Sunglasses - Dior (available in black here)

Thank you for reading my blog. Hope you're having a great Tuesday =)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Wearing Flats

Previously when I made a post about shoes that I would pack for travels (post here), ballerina flats was one of them. I packed this one which I recently bought from Dior. It's definitely comfortable but if you have a wide front, do go one size up for comfort. Else you will need a lot of breaking in before it gets comfortable.

Ballerina flats are definitely a great travelling companion. Even if you decided to wear it to run around for errands, it can be comfortable too. I can see myself even dressing up a little with this pair of flats by pairing it with a shirtdress.

Since it's still summer, you should take advantage of wearing more flats now don't you think? Do you have a favorite pair of flats?

Top - Zara (similar here)
Jeans - Levi's (love this new technology)
Flats - Dior (similar here)
Bag - Dior (similar crossbody herehere)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pampered By La Mer

I should actually start the post with "SPOILT BY LA MER" instead. I was given a treat to be pampered by La Mer's facial and it was such a blessing! It was a much needed treat that came at the right time. At first, when I was told that the facial does not have extraction, I was wondering if I was going to feel completely clean. I'm from South East Asia and blackhead extraction is a common thing here. After the facial, I had a very different perspective towards the whole experience. Continue to read what I've to share below and you'll get a rough idea about this whole La Mer facial experience.

Products of La Mer

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lately On Instagram

// Christian Louboutin //
I realize I've not been sharing my Instagram pictures lately on the blog with you. If you have been following me on Instagram, I guess you know most of the updates already. I also have Snapchat now. Add me at stilettoesdiva. Follow me there for my latest adventure =)

Top - J.Crew (similar here)
Jeans - J Brand
Shoes - Miu Miu
Bag - Valentino (similar crossbody here)

Friday, July 24, 2015


Sometimes when you travel the world and seen so many great things, you tend to overlooked one of  the best things that is homegrown. I love spa and those aromatherapy products that calm my muscles and senses. When I travel, I tried to visit some beautiful spas and enjoy a massage or two. I've seen this brand, Tanamera, in other countries and I just assumed that they must be from Indonesia. Boy am I wrong! They're actually from my very own country, Malaysia. Shame of me for not knowing. 

3 siblings started sharing their Tanamera dream in 1995. In a small make shift factory, they used natural ingredients in their products, formulating, designing and manufacturing them. In 1999, the company grew and these products were distributed to multilevel, wholesale companies in Malaysia and abroad. From then on, they've expanded from opening their outlet to sell retail products and the products itself has expanded their range too.

The 2 product ranges that Tanamera is very proud of, would be their Postnatal Care and Green Hotel Amenities.

Tanamera Postnatal Care

These products are designed based on traditional Malaysian postnatal therapies to help new mothers strengthen and fortify their bodies, soothe and calm their inner spirit and most importantly, help them recover in the shortest period of time.

Tanamera Green Hotel Amenities

This is a line of hotel amenities that are environmentally sensitive, natural and infused with only the best herbal ingredients. This is a fairly new project and Tanamera is currently working with eco-conscious hoteliers.

Green Coffee Massage Oil
Speaking about spa, I was very grateful and blessed to be able to try their spa treatment. It was bliss! Let me tell you, those muscle tension needed some loving. Indeed they were treated with some tender, loving care. I picked Green Coffee Aroma Oil for my massage and the oil doesn't even smell anything close to a coffee. It has a pleasant aroma and leaning towards a fresh bean smell rather than coffee beans.

Choices of massage oil
Scrubs made of herbs and spices.
The oil glides well and it stays moist on my skin. When the masseur did the scrub after my massage, it was kind of unpleasant. The scrub was coarser than what I had imagine or experienced. After the scrubbing session, I went to shower and that's when I found my skin was so soft and supple! Despite the unpleasant moment with the scrub, it paid off in the end. I left with such a happy face and spirit after the treatment. Will I go back again? That's for sure! =)

If you would like to visit them for a spa treatment, go here and have a look at their location and spa facilities.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

4 Must-Have Shoes When Traveling

I'm currently packing for a trip which is happening very very soon. Yes, I know you're going like "What?? A trip again??!!" or some of you might feel like punching me in my face (my friends do) because I travel so often. In actual fact, this trip is to attend a wedding. Well, you would have to follow me on my Instagram (@stilettoesdiva) or Snapchat (stilettoesdiva) to find out where I'm going.

So, back to my packing story. I was trying to co-ordinate my footwear and my conclusion comes down to 4 must-have pairs of shoes to pack. In random order, they are:

Ballerina flats


What are your must-have travelling shoes?

Monday, July 20, 2015

Jumping In Colors

Times when I'm out of ideas to do mix and match, it's always great to have a colorful jumpsuit. I don't have to do much yet it looks great by itself. Just like this jumpsuit from Clover Canyon. I loved it!!

This is the first first time I'm trying this brand and I'm impressed by the quality. The model in the website was 5' 9" and I'm not (unfortunately), so I altered it to suit my height instead. I allowed the jumpsuit to be outstanding and kept the rest of my accessories pretty plain.

What would you do when you ran out of ideas to do mix & match? Would you wear this colorful jumpsuit?

Jumpsuit - Clover Canyon (sold out but similar here)
Bag - Dior (similar crossbody here)
Heels - Christian Louboutin (similar nude heels here)
Sunglasses - Miu Miu (similar here)

Friday, July 17, 2015

Petang Raya


In direct translation from Malay to English, the subject means "Afternoon Feast". Over here in Malaysia, it is a public holiday today and tomorrow. The Muslims celebrate their new year today and usually they'll have a feast while the family gathers together.

Clothing plays a very important part in their new year. That's the reason why our very own local designer, Bernard Chandran, first started his Petang Raya collection in 2006. He design some of the most beautiful traditional Malay clothing. This Hari Raya (festive season), the designer stays true to his consistency and bringing fresh concept to the traditional Malay wear.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Going Green

I'm literally going green on my entire outfit! When I picked this dress to go with my bag for a date night yesterday, my bf was like "Wow! You're so...green!" I guess I'm going through this "green-ish" moment recently. From my bags, to shoes, to dress to nail polish and eyeliner. I kind of stocked up quite a bit of green stuff lately. I'm going green that's for sure!

Oh and guess what, we went to this restaurant called Sage for our date night. How green can one go in a day huh? LOL! What's your recent go-to color?

Dress - Karen Millen (similar here)
Bag - Saint Laurent (similar green bags here)
Pumps - Dior (similar here)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Extraordinary Colors

When L'Oreal Paris sent me some lip gloss, I couldn't help it but to try on each and every one of them. The colors are rich and vibrant. It stayed glossy for at least 4 hours. I remember re-applying it after lunch. I re-applied not because the color is gone but, I like it when my lips looked glossy =) My personal favorites would be #303 Rouge Allegro and #106 Fuchsia Orchestra

Have you tried these L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire lip colors? Which of these are your favorite on me?

#106 Fuchsia Orchestra

Monday, July 13, 2015

6 Easy Hairstyle When Travelling

Many years back, when I travel, I tried bringing a few hair styling tools such as rollers and curling iron. Then, I realise that it takes too long of my time to get ready just to look good in the pictures. The whole point of travelling is to discover a foreign place rather than to focus on looking good. We are not going to fashion week so yea, we can cut the slack a little on the hair part. 

I find these 6 hairstyles so easy to maintain (including mine) and it makes travelling a whole lot easier. I'm sure you'll still look very good in pictures with these hairstyles (minus the multiple tools). Which is your favorite?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Flashback Friday - Bergen

Can't believe it that it has been a month and some since we're back from our Scandinavia escapade. Time flew by so quickly and now we're in the month of July already. I was browsing through my pictures and realized that I've not posted this OOTD which was taken in Bergen.

Bergen is 2nd largest city in Norway. It's a beautiful and quaint city which I found it very different from the hustle and bustle in Oslo. Everyone seems to be very relaxed and in no hurry to go anywhere. Not to mention the scenery...gosh..it took my breath away! Let me show you some pictures and you'll know what I mean. Oh, and don't be fooled by sun shiny day pictures. It is actually pretty cold. Even till today in summer, the temperature is still about 13 Celsius (55 F) during the day. 

Which Scandinavia country is in your to-visit-bucket-list? Maybe you've visited Bergen?

Sweater - Alice + Olivia (similar here)
Shearling Jacket - Prada (similar choices here)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind
Platform Shoes - Prada (different color here)
Sunglasses - Dior (similar here)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Louboutin And Some

You almost never forget about your first. Like your first kiss, first boyfriend, first car, first branded bag. As for me, I would never forget that experience of owning my very first Christian Louboutin stilettos. It was in Paris on a cold winter December. My bf and I joined in the long line outside the tiny store on St. Honoré. I can still remember it so well that he was complaining about having to pay for the goods and still had to stand outside the store in the cold?? Oh well...you know how it is with guys and shopping. Don't think they'll ever understand.

I manage to purchased not just one but two pairs of Louboutin on that cold December afternoon!! Well, that was in 2011 and fast forward to May 2015, I added another two pairs into my shoes family. How can one not love these gorgeous shoes? 

When these shots were taken, my bf asked if he should wait on the ground floor just in case my shoes decided to commit suicide! That would be a very expensive suicide! I couldn't stop laughing!! LMAO!! 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Daze

Tunic Top // Hat // Swimwear // Beach Bag // Sunscreen // Sunglasses //   
Have you had any plans for a summer holiday? I was suppose to be joining my friends for a short beach getaway but something came up so, I've to stay back in town. *bummer*. Though, this didn't stop me from dreaming about a summer beach holiday. Here are some necessities which I would pack in my bag if I were to go to the beach today.

Also, just to let you know that starting from Thursday, July 9th - 16th, if you're a Nordstrom card holder, you'll get an early access to the 2015 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Start checking out their stuffs and save it in your Wish List.

So, what are your summer necessities?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Blues Over All

How was your long weekend? Mine was very relaxing. Lots of sleeping-in, booked myself a 2 hours massage, mainly in my pyjamas and hooked to watching Crime Investigations on TV. After watching multiple stories about crime investigations, I realized that there's many out there that has psychologic issues. From killing their spouse, family members, best friends and even in-laws to kidnapping and rape. The question is, what would make a person do something like that?

What I wore today is totally different from what I had planned yesterday. Woke up this morning with comfort clothes in my mind. So I went ahead to grab my Levi's boyfriend jeans and a silk top from BCBG. It's a cloudy Monday here so I'm kind of blue and sluggish over all. Monday blues it is! How's your Monday?

Top - BCBG Maxazria (similar tops here)
Boyfriend Jeans - Levi's CT501 (available here)
Pumps - Salvatore Ferragamo (in black here)
Bag - Valentino (similar cross body here)
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Independence Day Sales

Picture from my Instagram (@stilettoesdiva).  
If you're not going anywhere this long weekend and thinking about shopping (like me), here are some of the deals for you. Here are some of my favorite brands which are on sale right now. Click on the brands to get you to their sites. I've also listed the sales codes for you. Happy shopping!!

Banana Republic // 30% off regular- priced items and an additional 50% off sale items
CODE: BRTHIRTY (30% off regular- priced items)
CODE: BRGOBIG (additional 50% off sale items)
DATE: Now – 7/5 (30% off regular- priced items) and 7/8 (additional 50% off sale items )

BaubleBar // take 30% off sitewide
DATE: 7/1 – 7/5

BCBG // addtional 40% off sale
DATE: 7/2- 7/6

DVF // additional 25% off sale

Gap // Summer Sale: Up to 50% off select styles

J.Crew // extra 40%-60% off final sale items
DATE: 7/2-7/6 on marked final sale items. See site for additional details.

Nasty Gal // take an extra 40% off sale
DATE: starts 7/1

Rebecca Minkoff // up to 60% off select styles
Scoop NYC: Extra 30% off all sale styles

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keep'em Separated

If there's one high-end brand which I can relate most to, it would be Céline. I find myself liking their designs a lot and I would feel very comfortable wearing their styles. I am inspired by one of their recent Resort 2015 design (picture below), so I decided to wear something similar today. Instead of pants, like the picture, I replaced it with culottes instead. I layered my outfit with this vest from Topshop which I bought some time ago but had yet to wear them. 

If you are to pick one high-end brand, which one can you relate best?

Top - Mood & Closet (similar here)
Vest - Topshop (similar here)
Culottes - ASOS
Pumps - Miu Miu
Bag - Valentino (different color here)
Sunglasses - Karen Walker
Céline Resort 2015 (picture from Pinterest)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Precious Moment With Dior

I have a story to tell. A story about Dior's jewelry. The story that was shared from the house of Dior to its staff members all over the world and now to me by a few wonderful ladies and gentlemen in Ion Center, Singapore.

As always, I walked in to some of the warmest smiles, and that felt so welcoming. They sat me down, made me feel comfortable and served me tea and a fruit platter. Then, the story began.

Once upon a time, about 25 years ago, the house of Dior found Victoire de Castellane. She is the mastermind behind all the bling and blitz for Dior. She could magically transform gemstones into beautiful jewelries that are luxurious and desirable. Come, let's take a tour through my photos and let me show you some of her gorgeous "touch" to these jewelries. These pictures don't do much justice, as the actual products are much more glamorous! 

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