Thursday, September 18, 2014

First From Miu Miu

I know some of you might think that I'm crazy to purchase ready-to-wear from Miu Miu but I think it's worth the investment. I bought this dress at a discount when they were having their Spring/Summer 2014 sale. I know it's been a while and thank goodness, pastel colors are still popular these days. There are certain things I would splurge because they're still great after a few season. And there are items which the popularity will be over in one season, which will make me think twice before investing. 

What would you splurge and what would you not?

Dress - Miu Miu (similar here, here & here)
Bag - Prada (similar here & here)
Heels - Zara (similar here)
Watch - Cartier
Sunglasses - Karen Walker

Monday, September 15, 2014

Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2015 - Livestream

It is a true privilege to be working with Burberry again to do this live stream. I am excited myself to be watching the show live from my work desk! Maybe some day, I will attend London Fashion Week. For those who are attending, have fun!! Loads and loads of it! For those of us who are watching it here on my blog, let's be "wow-ed" by Burberry together =)

8pm Malaysia/Singapore Time
1pm London Time

Burberry Spring/Summer 2015 Pre-Show Assets

I'm very excited my blog will be doing a livestream for Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 later this evening. The show will start at 1pm London time and 8pm Malaysia/Singapore time. Come back this evening with your cup of coffee or tea and some biscuits and let's watch the show together! Christopher Bailey has always amaze us with his gorgeous designs and I'm sure there's a lot more surprises tonight! =)

Before I go, here's some pre-show images to get your excitement going.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Shine With Pantene

When I say "Pantene", who wouldn't know that name right? It's like a household staple. I believe some of us are currently using this brand or at some point of time did purchase this drugstore or here we call it pharmacy brand. 

I was previously using shampoo and conditioner from Alterna and it was great for moisture but I recently colored my hair.  I needed a change for my haircare products. So, Pantene's Color & Perm Lasting Care came in the right timing. Coloring and perming can be damaging towards hair so I would need to use the right products at this moment. 

Travel - Bits & Pieces Of Singapore

What you're going to see in this post would make it look like I went to Singapore to feast instead of a short holiday. In fact, I was actually there with a few friends and one of them were visiting Singapore for the very first time. So I brought her around and one of the day we went to Universal Studio. We had really good food this time around. Singapore definitely have some famous and exquisite restaurants. I'll show you through my pictures.

Here are some of the snippets of my Singapore trip in March. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Was having fun trying out some dresses in Miu Miu. I thought this dress was really nice =)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Currently Craving

Long Sleeve Denim Dress (See By Chloe)
Following bloggers on NYFW makes me crave for Fall fashion a lot more than I think I should. First of all, I'm actually from a hot and humid country through the year and there's no such thing as Fall season here! Although, how can I not fall for things like denim dresses, things with Burgundy and forest green? Oh, and all those jackets and trench coats and the list goes on...I just couldn't help it!

What about you? Are you into the fall season too or are you still pretty much stuck with loving summer?

Franky Coat (Club Monaco)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Lady In White

When we thought of going monochromatic, we would usually go for black. I do realize that not many of us would naturally chose white. I've actually asked a few friends and they said black makes them look slimmer and white's otherwise. I bet to differ.

In fact, white suits all skin tones, especially darker tones. Depending on how you wear it, it actually compliments all shape and sizes. Diane from Dee-Vine Anonyme asked a few of us to dress in white and look at us! Don't you find it amazing how everyone look fab in white?

Now, have we inspired you to wear a white apparel tomorrow?

1. Brenda - Skinny Bish 2.0
2. Marie-Line - Le Monde De Princie
3. Yen - Diva In Me
4. Sarah - Princess Audu
5. Stephanie - Chocolate Laced
6. Diane - Dee-Vine Anonyme
7. Amanda - Done N Done
8. Esther - Style-Krush
9. Janet - Posh N' Petite
10. Prisca - There Is No Sweet Here
11. Chenai - Fabulously Pink Blog
13. Virgit - Preppy Fashionist

Friday, September 5, 2014

Travel - To Singapore WIth Comfort

Yet another delayed post. I was in Singapore with a few friends in March and only now that I had some time to go through the pictures and share it with you. I do love to travel and comfort is always my first choice.I heard a lot about the comfort of Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans so I decided to buy one. There's no turning back since then. As for the top, it's from BCBGMaxazria and it's uber comfortable! I love the comfort of silk when I travel. It's easy to pack and add minimal weight to my luggage. 

Top - BCBGMaxazria (on sale here)
Boyfriend Jeans - Current/Elliott (available here)
Bracelet - Hermes
Bag - 3.1 Philip Lim (available here)
Oxford Shoes - Miu Miu (similar here)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tibi, You're A Score

This is the first time I'm trying out a midi skirt from Tibi and I couldn't help but falling in love with it. I've seen it on a few bloggers such as Aimee Song (Song Of Style) and Blair (Atlantic Pacific). It looked so good on them! I thought would it look good on me too? So, when I was in USA just recently, I decided to do some online shopping with Shopbop and purchased this midi skirt. No regrets and there's no looking back. Tibi and I will be best friends from now on. I will return for more that's for sure =)

Cropped Top - Mood & Closet (similar here)
Skirt - Tibi Pleat Skirt (available here)
Sunglasses - Karen Walker Super Duper Strength (available here)
Bag - Chanel Boy
Heels - Valentino

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award

I am very honored to be nomiated The Versatile Blogger Award by Shivani from Pen My Blog. I was very curious to what is this all about so I tried to Google it up and found the information here. The nomination is all about quality of the writing, subject's uniqueness and quality of the photographs. Last but not least, this award is to honor those bloggers who bring something special to your life. I'm so happy and thankful that Shivani actually think of me and my blog this way =)

There's also some guidelines for nominations and they're as below:
  1. Give a warm thank you to the one who gave you the award
  2. Include a link to their blog
  3. Select 15 blogs you followed regularly
  4. Nominate the 15 to the Versatile Blogger Award
  5. Tell the person who nominated you, 7 things about yourself
I'm taking this opportunity to share 7 things about myself to Shivani and all my readers. Maybe some of you have heard me mentioned about these before but if not, here goes:

1. I love coffee! I must have at least a cup a day and my highest record was 6 cups a day. That was a long time ago. 
2. I hate cockroaches. I really do. I can run very fast even with my 4 inches heels if I see one.
3. I love music and took piano lessons when I was younger till Grade 6 and I stopped. Reason? I'm just lazy and had tonnes of excuses to go for classes.
4. I use to take Salsa lessons too and I danced for almost 2 years. I achieved my Intermediate Level goal. I'm definitely proud of that but stopped after my previous job got a little too hectic. 
5. I'm a very disorganized person and my work table is only clean for 2 days max and after that, I'm lucky if things are still in place.
6. I suck at DIY and cooking. I'm really not a domesticated person. My best skill at home is doing dishes. I even banned my bf from buying a dish washer because that will take away my one and only skill. So no dishwasher!
7. I tried Bungee jumping once in New Zealand and my next goal is sky diving. That's in my bucket list.

So now you know me a little better. Thank you all so much for your interest in reading this post and thanks again Shivani for nominating this award to me. Here are my next 15 nominees for The Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you guys would join the fun so we can know you better. If not, it's OK too =)

Dale - Savvy Spice
Jeann - Luminnej
Becks - Oomph
Allie - Allie NYC
Catherine - Not Dressed As Lamb
Joyce - Joyful Outfit

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back To School

I've seen so many marketing headlines with "Back To School" recently. I guess summer break is over. School's like ages ago for me. In fact, I can only wish we could wear anything we want when I was in school. We had to wear uniforms!! How interesting is that? I'll show you what we wore when we were in school later. The good side of it is that I didn't need to think of what to wear tomorrow. The negative point of view is that it's plain boring. 

I didn't had a chance to wear what I want to school till college. I guess now I've the chance to play "imagine I'm back to college days again" =) What about you? What would you wear if you're going back to school?

Top - True Religion (similar here)
Jeans - 7 For All Mankind Josefina Boyfriend Jeans (similar here)
Heels - Zara (similar here)
Bag - Miu Miu
Watch - Cartier

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Morning Skincare Routine

I wouldn't say my skin is normal and fine. Some days I would wake up, looked at myself in the mirror and see lines, acne, scars and dilated pores!! Some days I think those pores are forgiveable and those lines are not as obvious. Despite all these judgemental behaviour over my own skin, I do take good care of them. I have combination skin with oily T-Zone and mostly dehydrated cheeks. Staying in a tropical weather isn't helping either. The humidity and the food we eat do contribute to my occasional break out. All I can do is to try my very best to take good care of my skin with religious skincare routine day and night. These are some of the products I'm currently using and I believe it's actually working well for my skin =)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sweet In Pink

I wore this for a date night yesterday. I bought this dress from RED Valentino when I visited Hong Kong in March. In fact, I've already worn this a few times. Just haven't had a chance to be in front of the lens till now. My favorite part of the dress are the pockets! They are huge and the best part are the ribbons on it =)

For date nights, are you more of a dress or pants type of person? I found a few pink dresses here just in case you're interested.

Dress - RED Valentino (similar favorites here and here)
Heels - Valentino Rockstuds
Bag - Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

Monday, August 25, 2014

Travel - Bali

I was in Bali end February for a birthday celebration. It was a fun trip with all my coolest friends. I think this is the fourth time I've visited Bali but, this was the first time with so many people. It never gets old visiting Bali. Each time, there's different sort of fun.

This time around, one of my friend booked the whole villa and we had a blast in that house! This place is called Villa Awang Bali, and it is a 4 bedroom luxury villa with individual bathrooms. As we have 5 couples altogether, they turned the TV room into a bedroom as well. The driver picked us up from the airport which is about 45 minutes away (including traffic). We even had our own chef and cleaner! Oh yeah!! Personal chef is upon request and we had to pay for the food but we were definitely willing to do so. There's no restaurant near by but there's a grocery store and I must say things sold there were not cheap. So my advise would be, if you're booking this hotel, please get drinks, alcohol and snacks from town before heading to this villa.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cremorlab - A Classic In Hydration

I believe almost everyone knows about the recent Korean hype. For instance, the teen crazy K-pop which includes like 8-12 members in a boy or girl band, Korean dramas and those affordable-yet-so-good beauty products. Don't forget that Korea is one of the most popular country to go to in terms of plastic surgery. Bring a picture of Park Shin Hye to the surgeon and you might come out from the clinic looking like her =)

Jokes aside, I found Cremorlab through Michelle Phan actually. She recently visited Korea and Cremorlab was one of the products she had positive reviews about. So I went to Muse By Watson to ask for more details. Currently, they're the only retailer that's carrying Cremorlab in Malaysia. These are what I've learned and would love to share it with you.

Cremorlab Spokesperson - Yoo Bi, Lee (Actress)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I Like It Chunky

Last week, I shared my shopping experience in America with Shopbop (post here) and now I can show you one of the items I bought. It's a pair of sunglasses by Karen Walker called Super Duper Strength. I was contemplating between the Black and Crazy Tort. Eventually, I picked the Crazy Tort because I've yet to own a pair with Tortoise Shell design.

I paired it with a Club Monaco Shirt Dress and lucky me, it was the last one in the shop in my size! *phew* I guess shirt dresses are popular lately. I can understand why; it's so easy to wear. I don't even need to think what to pair it with. All you need is a pair of shoes and a bag to go with it. It's great for work or just a quick coffee run.

How do you like my styling? Are you into chunky-monkey sunglasses and shirt dress too?

Shirt Dress - Club Monaco (similar here)
Sunglasses - Karen Walker (available here)
Bag - Coach
Heels - Christian Louboutin

Monday, August 18, 2014

8 Things To Do While In Budapest

Again, I'd like to let you know that this vacation happened in the winter and it's really a superbly delayed post. That's the reason why you're seeing me in jackets and sweaters in most of my Eastern Europe holiday pictures. Previously I've shown you Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, Prague, Vienna and now Budapest. This was our last destination before we flew back to Paris. 

When we first got to Budapest, I wasn't too comfortable with it. It was pretty messy at the train station and the taxis haggle too. Just like Kuala Lumpur! =D We didn't know about the so called "trusted taxi company" so we paid like 3 times more than the normal rate on our ride from the train station to our hotel. Although, by the end of our stay, I had so much fun and I must say I totally had a different perspective towards Budapest. Well, they say a picture speak a thousand words. So, let me show you 8 things you must-do (in my opinion) and some of the beauties Budapest has to offer.

Friday, August 15, 2014

New Love Affair

Remember last Friday when I mentioned I was looking for a "Multipurpose Bag" in this post? I found one from Reebonz and ordered it. It arrived at my doorstep within 3 days and I was ecstatic! I love opening presents and Reebonz did a great job by wrapping it up so beautifully. 

Bag - Michael Kors Jet Set Tote (similar here)
Top & Jacket - Gap
Jeans - Guess
Heels - Zara
Tah-dah!! Meet my new found love, "The Multipurpose Day Bag" from Michael Kors. There are few reasons why I love this bag. It's practical and light. I can stuff a lot of things in there, such as laptop, magazine, lipstick, wallet, organizer and phone without weighting it down. If my hands are too tired to carry it, I'll use my shoulder. This is definitely one tote I will keep. I was browsing through Reebonz's website and found the same bag (Michael Kors Jet Set NS Tote), but the color I chose was no longer available, but they have it in a different color. If you like it, you better order it quickly or it'll be gone soon. They only carry a small quantity for each bag and that's what makes my bag unique =)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Online Shopping...Yet Again

For some of you who has been following me on Instagram and Facebook, I'm sure you know that I recently visited US of A. This is the 2nd year I was there for summer. I think my goal is to hit 50 states in 10 years. Just kidding..Ok, maybe half. I'm only at 10% as of now! 

I must say, America is blessed with an abundance of everything! It's like a shopping heaven for people like me from a 3rd world country. Even though Malaysia imports many brands from the US, the prices are doubled here. So, when I had the opportunity to visit the US, I tend to do some frenzy shopping, especially online, as it's so easy and everything gets delivered to my doorstep. My main goal going to the US is to visit my sister. So, spending time with family and travelling are the top priorities. Online shopping is a close second, as it allows me to save time without needing to go to the mall. The best part is I get to exchange or send the product back if I'n not satisfied. Ordering from Shopbop, I get to enjoy free delivery and return. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We Lost A Great Being Today

I still couldn't believe it that Robin Williams left us today. Just like that. He has made the world laugh and touched us in countless ways but today, the world cry for him. God bless your soul, Robin. We will miss you dearly. May you rest in peace.

Top - Mood & Closet (available here)
Cardigan - Mood & Closet (similar here)
Jeans - Current/Elliott (available here)
Loafers - Tod's Gommino (similar here)
Watch - Cartier

Monday, August 11, 2014

Four Seasons Budapest

Source: Four Seasons Budapest
Initially when my bf and I were planning for our Budapest trip, we narrowed down our choices to Kempinski and Four Seasons. After looking at the pictures, and based on our previous experience on Four Seasons Langkawi, we decided to go with Four Seasons instead. We usually book our hotels through Expedia but sometimes it's good to compare prices from their individual websites too as they do run some attractive promotions. 

Friday, August 8, 2014

Shopping With Reebonz


I am currently looking for a day bag or what I call it “Multipurpose Bag,” where I can put anything and everything in there, from wallet, car keys, lipstick, organizer and a laptop.  I currently have one, which is the Céline Luggage Bag (similar here), but it tends to get heavy and I wanted something lighter. I looked into Reebonz and found one from Michael Kors that I really liked. Oh, I bought my Céline from them too =)

I wish I could show the bag that I just ordered but I totally forgot to save the pictures during the purchase. When I tried looking for it on the website, it’s not there anymore. Reebonz has limited quantity with each product they offer so, if you see something you like, you need to purchase it quickly before it vanishes. The bag that I bought looked similar to these below:

BCBGeneration - Wilson Bag

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keep It Short

I was window shopping at Zara one day and thought this top looks great. I name this top Rainforest. Maybe it's the design? It could be the color too. When I brought it home, I thought it would look good with a polka dot shorts. Till I matched it with this skirt, I thought it looks really good together. I'm sure it would look good with a black or white shorts too. What do you think?

Top - Zara (similar here)
Skirt - Mood & Closet (similar here)
Bag - Christian Dior
Heels - Zara (similar here & here)
Watch - Cartier

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Skincare Review - Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil
I recently bought this from Sephora while travelling in America. I ran out of makeup remover as I was using the Omorovicza travel size which I also bought from Sephora quite some time ago. I like Josie Maran's Argan Cleansing Oil better than Omorovicza because it is easier to manage. With just 2 pumps on my dry hands, it's more than enough to apply evenly on my face. It took everything off including my waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It kept my skin moisturised too. I usually double cleanse so after using the cleansing oil as makeup remover, I'll use a foam cleanser. Currently, I'm using a Omorovicza Cleansing Foam

I have a combination skin with oily T-Zone and dehydrated on the cheeks. This oil cleanser might seem little oily for some but double cleansing it would be just perfect. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5. Yes, it is that good! The scent is really pleasant too. 

Omorovicza Cleansing Foam used to double cleanse
Another product that I would highly recommend would be Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil. It was what I use for a while prior to Omorovicza Cleansing Balm because I wanted to try something new.

Shu Uemura Skin Purifier

Congratulations Courtney, for winning the golden trinkets sponsored by Rings & Tings. I will be contacting you in a bit and hope you'll enjoy the gorgeous accessories. Thank you all taking time to participate in this giveaway. Don't forget to visit Diva In Me for more fashion inspirations and possibly another giveaway in the near future =)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, July 28, 2014

31 Denim Looks

Day 1 // Day 2 // Day 3 // Day 4 // Day 5 // Day 6 // Day 7
I started a Denim Challenge in May and thought I'm able to complete the challenge in a month. This has taken longer than expected to complete my whole 31 days of denim looks. Guess I failed to challenge myself in completing the task on time =( 

Well, it took me more than 31 days to complete the challenge but I'm happy I stick to the goal and completed it. Perseverance is key and now I can be proud that I did it! I will probably come up with another challenge soon. Anyway, here's the compilation of my 31 looks and tell me which is your favorite? 

Day 8 // Day 9 // Day 10 // Day 11 // Day 12 // Day 13 // Day 14

Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Summer Dress

I was browsing through my unedited pictures as I'm cleaning my hard drive, I saw these pictures which hasn't been blogged yet. As you can see, my hair's still long then =) Totally missed this one out. How can I as this dress is so suitable for summer don't you think? Go flower power!

How's your summer so far? Are you wearing a lot of floral dresses lately?

Dress - Club Monaco (similar here)
Bag - Christian Dior (available here)
Pumps - Salvatore Ferragamo (available here)
Bracelet - Hermés
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