Celebrated Mother’s Day With Love

I was trying to look for a picture of my mom when she was in her 20s but she kept it all when she found out I’m going to write about her on my blog. LOL! Though, I look a lot like her when she was younger.

I dedicated this post for my mom. She’s an incredible mother and the one and only for me. From my perspective, she’s one whom I find it challenging to deal with. Our personalities are too similar, which comes with stubbornness and temperamental, and we both stand so strong in our believes that sometimes we find it hard to come in between. My sister is her favorite that’s for sure.  She’s the easy-going one.

We were both not raised with much affection. Our parents aren’t one that would give hugs and kisses to us. I believe that’s because Asians aren’t too fond of the touchy feely type and they both have their own traditional ways of raising kids. Thank goodness I learned about the affectionate part through much TV exposure and studying abroad. Despite the lack of affection from home, we love both of them to pieces. My mom had sacrificed so much of her time on us. She chose to cook, clean, pick us to and from school and weekend activities, make sure our homework’s done, read bed time stories to us, etc. etc. etc. Things that they gave us might not be the best in the world but it was the best that they can give. For that, I appreciate every single thing that my mom had done and given to us.
Picture taken from a friend’s Instagram
After dinner, mom thanked me for treating her. To me, that’s nothing compared to what she’d done for my sister and I. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. What do we do without you?