Toni & Guy Futurewise


Toni & Guy Futurewise is a collection influenced by the International Art Team. Due to their extensive traveling and collaborating with leading fashion designers, understanding diverse cultural trends, lead creative shows and events, hence the team have inspired these dynamic cuts and colors.

In Futurewise, you will see a twists of warmth and coolness to complete the colour story.

Toni & Guy Futurewise

Futurewise Interlock Techniques

Last year, the patterns and colors from the Duality Collection has paved the way for this year’s creative techniques. The technique known as “Interlocking” has been refined and more editorial this year. That doesn’t mean it can’t be toned down to suit your liking. I’ve always loved the interlocking patterns and had worn it to many events. It had received many compliments and positive feedbacks.









In terms of colour, there is a nod to the underground shades that we’ve seen in London and other cities that have inspired the hues of green, blue and yellow. In Futurewise, you will see a twists of warmth and coolness to complete the colour story.

Over the last few years we’ve seen an ‘anti’ movement, anti-fashion, anti-retouch, anti-classic beauty etc. across the hair, beauty and fashion industries. Many designers have begun to fuse that anti concept with high fashion to turn out something entirely new. From what I can see, there will be loads of color clashes yet keeping it stylish.

Toni & Guy Futurewise with William (middle) & Deanna Yusoff (left)

Again and again, I’ve been getting an abundance of compliment over my hair color. The current color – Aquamarine, has the most admiration by far. On my recent trip to France, I’ve been stopped by many pedestrian just to tell me they loved the color. So what’s the color for me this year with Toni & Guy Futurewise? We shall see..

What’s your 2018 hairstyle and color choice?

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