Experienced A Scottish Weather


Experienced A Scottish WeatherWhen I was in Edinburgh, fall weather was just starting to creeped into October. Edinburgh is higher north, I find the it windy and pretty chilly. Gave me the reason to start layering. It’s not very often that I’m able to layer back home. Now that I’m able to experience a Scottish weather, I find myself enjoying this Coach Bomber Jacket and Jack Wolfskin fleece sweater.

Not that I particularly like the cold weather but, I look forward to layering and stay warm. Since I just bought this knitted Fendi scarf, I can’t hold my excitement to add it into my outfit of the day. Don’t you think the fur looked close enough to my hair?

Fendi Scarf

Scarf – Fendi // Top – Prada

Coach Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket – Coach // Jeans – J Brand // Bag – Gucci // Shoes – Prada

Gucci Dionysus & Prada Slip-on Fall Layering

Experienced A Scottish WeatherHere’s a few items which I’ve used to do layering. Come to think about it, I do miss the Scottish weather already. What’s your favorite item when it comes to layering?

  • I adore your total look and you look PERFECT! Beautiful styling and amazing pics!
    Nilu Yuleena Thapa
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

    • Thanks Nilu. I love simply styling and it makes layering pretty interesting =)
      Have a great weekend.