The Olive Tree


The Olive Tree was founded through a very personal experience and frustration. The founder’s kids were suffering from eczema and despite all effort in looking for a cure, the problem still persisted. One day, her sister from Melbourne gifted her some plant based soap bars to try and their problem slowly faded away. Eczema was gone and in fact, their skin are not dry and itchy anymore.

Then, there came another issue, that these plant based skincare, body care and hair care aren’t accessible in South East Asia. Thus, The Olive Tree was born! The Olive Tree products are vegan, biodegradable and made of the highest quality natural ingredients sourced from plants. All products are specially made in Australia and strictly against animal testing. The products do not contain the following:

  • Palm oil
  • Parabens
  • Petroleum
  • Phthalates
  • Sulfates (SLS, SLES, etc.)
  • Synthetic colors and fragrances
  • Harmful chemicals and fragrances
  • Harmful chemical and preservatives

These are some of the products I’ve personally used and here are my thoughts about it:

At first I wasn’t too keen on trying vegan products because on my mind, it will not clean as thorough as my regular shampoo. Boy was I wrong! This Rosemary & Mint shampoo has proven to me that with all these natural ingredients, it can still clean just as good and better still, it isn’t drying. My hair felt smooth and healthy after wash.

Since I used the shampoo, I had a different mindset towards these natural ingredient products. I like the scent from this Rosemary & Mint conditioner. It felt like I took some herbs from my mom’s backyard and left it on my hair after wash. Though, my hair is more on the dry side as it has been bleached and colored. Besides using this conditioner, I needed the weekly masque as well to provide my hair with more moisture. If I have a regular fine hair, I’m sure by using this conditioner, it will be more than sufficient.

These soaps are made out of pure olive oil and essential oils. I’m not one that like olive oil a lot but these smell pleasant! They’re great on my skin and I love the refreshing scent from the Lemon Myrtle soap. At first, I’m not use to the slimy feeling on the skin like my hands weren’t clean thoroughly. After a few use, I realise that my hands are less dry comparing to washing my hands with the regular scented foam hand soap. These soaps are safe to be use on the face as well.

This pine soap dish was made with NO nails, glue, sprays, lacquers finishing nor coating. It is handcrafted in Florida with a solid one piece construction. I find it great! It drains water quickly and allow soap to dry and last longer.

They are now at One Utama (New Wing Concourse Area) till 27th December 2015. Give them a try and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results just like me. Or, if you would like to get some last minute Christmas gifts, this is your chance.

*Pictures taken in collaboration with The Olive Tree. All opinion are my own.