Hydrated Skin With Decorté Liposome Technology


Decorte LiposomeOur skin is expose to a lot of stress in a day. Starting with the polluted air especially living in the city, exposure to the sun while driving or commuting and lifestyle stresses. All these can contribute to unfavorable skin condition such as dehydration and dull looking skin. We are indeed fortunate to be living in this century where technology can assist us daily with so many things. Skincare included.

Beautiful skin starts with balanced, well-nourished and hydrated skin. Ever since Decorté discovered the Liposome Technology, it had helped many to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. You may ask, what is a Liposome? It can be pretty scientific if I would to explain it in detail. The simplest way to explain it is to imagine your skin cell as the size of a basketball. Then, an emulsion droplet is a size of a ping pong ball. Lastly, the liposome in the emulsion droplet is as tiny as a sugar crystal. Still can’t imagine? Watch this video below.

Sharon had previously explained about the two key products to achieve hydrated skin with Decorté Liposome Technology. They’re Moisture Liposome Hydrating Boosting Serum and Liposome Treatment Liquid. I’ve been using these two products every morning for approximately 2 months now. I agree with Sharon that if you want hydrated skin, these two products will definitely provide you with that. Her, I listed some facts about Liposome and hope it’ll help you to understand how liposome came about and how it can help your skin.

7 Wonders of Liposome

  1. Dr Noboru Naito, KOSE Corporation’s Chief Officer, also known as Dr. Liposome, was brought to tears when he saw with his own eyes, the success of developing the liposome. These liposome are securely enveloped in the solution and they pop open whenever and wherever your skin needs it.
  2. The Liposome is composed of 10-20 layers. These layers peels off continuously throughout the day starting from the time the lotion has been applied on your skin.
  3. Due to the tiny size, it offers a sensational absorption even into the troubled, stiffened skin that suffers from disrupted skin texture.
  4. Liposome serves as a guide and medium in the uncharted keratin layers to trigger further moisture absorption. Hence you don’t have to use toner or prep the skin like the conventional way.
  5. Products that has Liposome are so gentle that it is safe for sensitive skin as well.
  6. Liposome products are powerful yet gentle on the skin. Dr. Liposome said “It works greatly and obviously more so on the weakness. It strengthens the very weakness your skin has.”
  7. Liposome-based products are highly intelligent. They are very ‘determined’ capsule that thinks and identifies where to go, and that penetrates and brings effects on where the work is needed.
Healthy & Unhealthy Skin

Comparison between healthy & unhealthy Skin (Picture by Kosé)

Decorté believe that when the skin hardens due to dryness or dehydration, skincare can’t penetrate and it just stays on the surface of the skin. Therefore, you can’t see the maximum result your skincare is trying to show you. Hence, with the help of the Booster Serum and Treatment Lotion, now, you can see a clear result from the skincare you are using. I’ve made a short video of how I incorporate these 2 products into my morning skincare routine. In the video, I also explained why is the Booster Serum used first before the Treatment Lotion.

Decorte Liposome

Hydration Renewing Serum – RM378.40 (40ml), RM551.20 (60ml) // Liposome Treatment Liquid – RM227 (100ml), RM378.40 (170ml)

I hope through my post, you had learned something new about Decorté products. Remember, a well balanced and hydrated skin makes you look youthful and gives you a good glow. Keep your skin beautiful and achieve a hydrated skin with Decorté Liposome Technology.