The Hills Are Alive


Kenzo Jungle Book SweaterEver had those “The Sound of Music” moments when you see the hills? In your head, you just wanted to sing “The Hills are alive, with the sound of music….” then you just want to run up the hill and twirl and twirl.

Or maybe it’s just me because that’s how I felt when I see the hills at Four Seasons Hampshire. It made my heart sing and so happy. I had that care-free feeling and I just wanted to run and let hills take my breath away. However, I’m pretty breathless when I reached the top of the hill. LOL!

Kenzo Jungle Book Sweater

Sweater – Kenzo (similar here) // Sweatpants – Uniqlo // Shoes – Prada (similar here) // Bag – Celine

The Hills Are Alive

Kenzo SweaterFall is definitely settling down in Europe. Some part of Europe like England, it’s getting pretty chilly once the sun set. Especially when you’re out running on the hills like that. I needed more than just sweater now. A good shearing jacket would kept me warm and fuzzy. Since Shopbop is having a sale now (use the code MAINEVENT16 when checkout), it’s worth taking a look at it.

Four Seasons Hampshire Sunset silhouetteWhat’s your favorite item to take out on an autumn evening?

  • Yen!! I love that song, haha. It takes me back. LOL. You look lovely and the pose with you jumping makes me smile. So nice that you got to run and twirl up the hill 😀 x

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  • oh my, Yen! I am so mesmerised by this post especially the photography of you! Amazingly captured (high-5 to your bf for a job well done!), they totally reflect your happy cheery mood running up the hills (though breathless when you hit the top, but it is all worth it, kan??) haha

    I am pretty sure you had a great time there, looking at the weather and how you dressed all perfect for the occasion. Everything about this post spells perfect to me! Hope to see you soon back home *_^

    Have a gorgeous weekend, no matter where you are out there, exploring the world, as always, in a totally cool chic manner!

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ