A Quick Guide To St. Moritz


Though it’s already spring in St. Moritz when I was there in March, it’s still cold even during the day. Despite the cold, those picturesque scenery in St. Moritz will keep anyone smitten. This year, snow visited late and it was almost mid of February before fresh snow dusted the mountains. If you’re looking for a late ski trip, you can still make it. Else, book yourself to a much cheaper trip to St. Moritz during summer. If you’re visiting, here are some tips which I hope would make your planning much easier..


We flew into Zurich from Paris by Swiss Air and stayed in Zurich for a few nights. You can check out my post here, if you would like to discover Zurich a little. We took the morning train to St. Moritz from the main train station (Zurich Hauptbahnhof) in the heart of Zurich. I can say it was one of the best scenic train ride I’ve ever had. It’s good to buy your tickets online (www.sbb.ch) so you wouldn’t have to worry about it on the day you want to travel. Else, tickets are available at the main station itself and most Swiss speaks good English, so communication wouldn’t be a problem.

View from train ride


If you find Zurich expensive, wait till you get to St. Moritz. St. Moritz doesn’t put on the “ritz” for no reason. The view itself is impressive to begin and the hotel my other better half chose was spectacular! We stayed at Carlton Hotel and I must say this hotel would give Four Seasons a run for their money. There are many more choices in Expedia.com and Bookings.com. We passed through this hotel, The Piz, when walking around town and I thought they look pretty decent.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel


  1. Skiing – Our hotel arranged a class for us as my bf and I were both beginners in skiing. We went up to Corviglia/Piz Nair ski area and attended our 2 hours lesson. Before you know it, we can ski like a pro! OK, maybe not a pro but a great beginner =D Carlton Hotel engaged us to Engadin St. Moritz, which include a lot other snow related activities too. At the bottom of the monorail station, there’s a ski gear rental place. We rented all our gears there for 2 days and they kept it overnight for us. Make life easier rather than lugging that heavy ski.
  2. Spa – After the first day of skiing, one will definitely need to soak in the hot tub and being massaged to relax those muscles. Engadin St Moritz provide spa services too. Some hotels have their own spa and you can enquire about the prices as well.
  3. Shopping – One thing which St. Moritz is not lacking. The glitz and blitz from Cartier to Bulgari, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more. Just walk down that expensive street and one can shop all day if you have the moolah.
  4. Walk by the frozen lake – I mean during winter when the lake was still frozen. It was really sunny during those days when I was there so, some part of the lake has already melted. There are walkways at the side of the lake where you can take a leisure walk. Prior to our visit, they even had Turf Horse Races on the lake.
  5. Sledding – Some called it Toboggan. We went on this sledding journey of about 6km that started from Preda to Bergün. It was really fun but at some point, it got me a little worried as I forgot to put my legs down to slow down and it kind of went too fast. The sled rental shop opens till 8pm which was already really dark but they had lights a long the way. We took a train back to St. Moritz from Bergün, which was where the sled journey ends.
  6. Parasail and paraglide – This was pure adrenaline rush. It might not be as crazy as sky diving or bungee jump but it sure give you a bird-eye view of St. Moritz when we’re up in the air. If you’re interested, you can arrange it with your hotel or the ski rental place or through Engadin St. Moritz.
Skiing at St. Moritz
Shopping at St. Moritz
Walk along the frozen lake of St. Moritz
Town of Bergün
I highly recommend this places called Post Haus Restaurant. We had one of the best pizza there and I even commented it on Yelp. If you would like to splurge, visit Carlton Bar & Lobby. Wine and dine there can be luxurious because it come with a spectacular view of the snow capped mountains. Most of the restaurants in St. Moritz are on the pricier side. If you would like to go all budget, do visit the supermarket and pack your own sandwiches or food. There’s variety of fresh food to shop.
Wine and dine at Carlton Bar & Lobby

I hope by reading my guide, you have a good idea of what to expect when planning and visiting St. Moritz. If you’ve been there, do share some tips of where to visit. St. Moritz is always worth to re-visit =)