Thursday, April 10, 2014

Krakow - Day 1 & 2

It was around evening when we reached Krakow from Warsaw and we didn't do much but to check in to Radisson Blu Hotel and just chill. We walked out to the town of Krakow for dinner. It was just a 10 minutes walk from our hotel.

The next day, there was a lot of walking. This is when I actually miss the Asian affordable foot reflexology session. I'm talking about like an hour of foot and back massage for only USD15! Don't think I can find it anywhere in Europe with this price for a massage.

We walked the town of Krakow and found many interesting historical buildings. It's always good to have a personal tour guide but we didn't have one at that time. I just had my Krakow guide book from Frommer's and read most of the history and facts from there. If only I knew this fellow blogger, Anda Alexandra from Krakow, I would have paid her for a day guide. I believe that she can do a better job in explaining about Krakow's history and bring us to restaurants that serve great local dishes.

The hotel's concierge told us this is a must-try when in Krakow.

And so we did and there's no regret! It's warm and tasty. Definitely great for breakfast.

Thick and creamy hot chocolate on a cold winter morning. What more can you ask for?

Florianska Gate, the entrance to the Old Town.

The Barbican - This was built in the late 1400s due to fears of Turkish invasion. Surrounded by a huge moat, the Barbican was never put to use as the Turks never came. (Information derived from Frommer's 2nd Ed)

Rynek Glowny is Europe's largest medieval square (Information derived from Frommer's 2nd Ed)
This is a church. I believe it's one of the smallest church I've seen.

It was starting to get cold. Gotta have my jacket on.

Wawel Castle

A panoramic view of Wawel Castle. Wawel is Krakow's Westminster Abbey, Notre-Dame and Vatican. This is where Polish kings were crowned, monarchs, poets and generals lie buried (Information derived from Frommer's 2nd Ed)

Inside Wawel Cathedral

St. Mary's Basilica
Inside St. Mary's Basilica

We went back to Rynek Glowny and had lunch there. We tried to grab lunch before the Sunday masses dismissed and church goers came flocking for lunch too. 
Pork knuckle and potatoes

Mushroom, vege and sausage. Don't judge by the food presentation and I must say this is one of the best lunch I had in Poland!

After lunch, we went to Rynek Underground. It's sort of like a museum underneath the city's main square. From here, I learned about life in the medieval times in Krakow. 
Copper was part of the main commodity traded back in the days.

Salt mining was also a main trade in Krakow

Rynek Glowny before the underground museum was built.

This is how it look when they were planning for the underground museum.

A glimpse of Krakow's Old Town back in the days...
If you're visiting Krakow any time soon and would like to have a local guide, you can always contact Anda Alexandra via email ( for more information on Krakow's tour.  I hope you've enjoyed my mini-tour of Krakow here. 


  1. it looks cold! love your scarf. all the food looks delicious, too! that's what i enjoy most about travelling is the food!

  2. Again great pictures! Looks like you have a nice trip :)


  3. inside st. mary's basilica is beautiful. and wow. thick dark hot chocolate. yum!

  4. what a beautiful cathedral! it's so majestic. i love the inside. i love their cobblestone streets & vendors. that hot chocolate and those pretzels look so good.

  5. nice post. thanks for sharing these photos
    looks like an interesting place to visit in many ways

  6. wow what great pictures!! i can definitely do with one of those hot coco!

  7. You are so pretty and the photos are great.


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