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Guest Blogger - Always With You

Today, I'm going to introduce an amazing lady which I've got to know not too long ago and she's Jane. She blogs from Always with Yoo and I love all her down-to-earth posts. Oh, and she has the cutest cocker spaniel named Piri too. You know how much I love travelling and I've never been to Jamaica but Jane's been there! So, let's have Jane bring us to Jamaica today!

Hello Diva In Me readers. My name is Jane and I blog over at Always With Yoo where I share musings and laughter from the perspective of my little family as we settle our roots in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. I'm very excited to be here today to share a little bit from our trip to Jamaica, which we took earlier this year. Yen has such great style and her destination diaries have been amazing to read. I'm pretty stoked to be contributing today.

Back in January, my husband, Yangkyu, and I had the opportunity to go to Montego Bay, Jamaica, for a quick get-away. One of the first things that stood out for us in going on this trip was that it was going to be low-key. Usually we plan out to the T and pack in as many sightseeing opportunities as possible, but winter has been especially brutal this year for us and so our priority was to relax, read some books, take photos and get lots of sun.

We stayed at the Hilton Rose Resort. It's all-inclusive and they have wonderful friendly staff on hand. They boast on-site restaurants {our favorite was The Three Palms}, a huge swimming pool, water park and river you can float along in a tube, golf course, fitness center, spa, beach access and so much more. Moreover, their nightly programs of music, song and dance was so lively, culturally rich and very inviting. There is so much to take in and spending our days and evenings here was a delight. Their drink selection was also very delicious and I may have had one too many sips of virgin miami vices and mango smoothies {they were so good}. 

There are also plenty of sights and attractions to enjoy outside of the resort as well. Hiking at Ocho Rios, seeing spectacular waterfalls at Dunn's River Falls and seeing the history at the Rose Hall Great Hall are just some of the things we would love to experience if we are ever back in Montego Bay again. 

There is such a good mix of relaxation and also adventure on the island of Jamaica. It's definitely a worthwhile visit to get away, enjoy delicious food and be in great company, especially among the people of Jamaica. 

Finally, I thought to make a little "His and Her" list as part of our wishful thinking to go back someday. It includes some of the things we took on our trip that were so essential.

Thank you for reading this post, and thank you, Yen, for having me here! Hope this has been a fun peek into the wonderful place called Montego Bay, Jamaica. If you are also interested, you can see more of our trip here


  1. love your photos Jane! and great choice of books! Looks like a dream vacation.

  2. i have heard and seen so many great things about jamaica as a vacay spot. thanks for sharing your photos. i hope to make it there one day, too!!

  3. So pretty! I didn't realize there were rocks and cliffs in Jamaica but it looks wonderful!


  4. Absolutely loved this guest post :D

    I have no choice but to follow you around :P

    Come by for a chat or follow if you like of course :)

    Happy week!


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  5. Ah love Jane's blog and her Jamaica travels looked amazing - also love this sweet guide, I definitely wouldn't mind a pair of her sweet red sandals :)

  6. Adore Jane's blog and her lovely photos!

  7. thank you yen for having me!

  8. Thanks for sharing Jane's style & blog with us Yen!!


  9. I love that you've shared photos from your trip as well as style pics for both of you

  10. I love Jane's blog and her photography!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  11. jane, is so sweet. i follow her blog. this was a great trip! love the inspiration boards she put together.

  12. Love Jane's blog!!! Their pictures of Jamaica make me wish I was there too :) The inspiration boards are perfect, I would take all the things with us on a travel too!
    The cat, you and us


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