Travel – China (Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong) Part 3


If you haven’t been following the 1st and 2nd part of this trip, you can visit here & here to see the beautiful pictures.

After visiting Jiuzhaigou National Park, we decided to visit the small town of Jiuzhaigou. Since this area belongs to the Tibetans, most of them build their homes at the hill side and has been staying in this town for hundreds of years. If you are thinking of visiting these places, it’s good that you have a Chinese tour guide, or at least able to converse in Mandarin. Else, it’ll be slightly difficult to communicate with the locals and they’ll definitely find the opportunity to charge you an arm and leg for cab rides or buying tickets for you to watch a show. By night time, you’ve got to find your own entertainment as there’s no cinema nor lounge or whatsoever in this place. How did I survive? Thank goodness I’ve my laptop and the hotel has wifi so I’ve free internet *phew*

We also went to Huanglong which is another town with loads of nature to discover. If you are planning to go to Huanglong, it’s good if you stay around there. Else, you’ll waste a lot of time travelling by car from Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong. It takes about 2 hours.

Enjoy the pictures!

Not too bad..they’ve solar system for street lights too!
We’ve to go through muddy road to visit this small town
Where the local pray and perform sacrifices for a better living
White yak are rare and the locals treat them very special.
We almost booked this hotel but we found out it’s pretty far from Jiuzhaigou National Park. No doubt,
this is a very luxury hotel around this area.
The lobby area of Intercontinental Hotel
The lifts to go up to the rooms
Small town we passed by on the way to Huanglong
We took a cable car up to the mid hill (the red dot on the left of this map).
We were suppose to walk up to the hill top where the 5 Color Lake is situated.
And here we are! The view is definitely breathtaking!
It’s definitely different from the usual lakes we know off.
Watching a stage performance since there’s no cinema around