Happy Chinese New Year


Yesterday was the 1st day of Chinese New Year (following the lunar calendar). Since young, we were told that the color red is a must to have on this day! Apparently, red is to cast away the evil spirit. Believe me, my mom had the whole house decorated in RED! I think this is a good thing too because it gives us the spirit of celebrating a new year together as a family =)

What do we do on this day? We gather as family and have a “red packet” which usually consist of money in this packet, which the elderly give to their children for good omen. This year we celebrated without my sister as she’s away in a far-away-land to further her studies.

I had something red for myself too this Chinese New Year! My very own Chanel wallet which I bought in Paris! =D I’m definitely loving it! =D

Means good luck in Chinese character


My new red Chanel wallet! Loving it!

Just a little information to share with you readers, if you are planning to go for a holiday or a getaway to Asia, please be aware of countries which Chinese community dominates. During the Chinese New Year season, you will have issues in finding for good food (unless you don’t mind McDonald’s and KFC), and there won’t be much to do as many people take this opportunity to be with their family and had gone out-of-state or back to their hometown. Chinese who celebrate this special occasion go for a break which range from 2 days up to 15 days!